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Skagen Mixture. Small 175 kr, Big 225 kr

Toast Skagen with butter fried bread, american bleak roe and lemon

Charcuteriers | 175 kr

Locally produced charcuterie and cheese served with bread, cornichons and olives

French Onion Soup | 135 kr

With croutons and Gruyère crisp

Beef carpaccio | 185 kr

With arugula, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and lemon

Pan-Seared scallop | 195 kr

With ginger-picked cucumber, soy mayonnaise, and coleslaw

Cheese croquettes | 125 kr

With lemon crème fraîche


Slow-cooked Veal | 295 kr

Slow-cooked veal, rutabaga purée flavored with rosemary vinegar, pickled cranberries, lingonberries, rosted beets, and smoekd red wine sauce

Cod | 320 kr

With Champagne butter sauce, baked beetroot, rosted dill seeds, pickled red onions, and dill potatoes

Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto (vegetarian) | 225 kr

Jerusalen artichoke chips, celery, and herb salad

Swedish chuck steak burger | 219 kr

With side pork, Klara`s burger dressing, Gruyè, pickled red onions, crispy lettuce, tomato, tarragon cream, and French fries

Vegetarian Burger with soy mince and halloumi | 219 kr

Klara´s burger dressing, Gruyère, pickled red onions, cryspy lettuce, tomat, tarragon cream, and French fries


Klara´s Banana Split | 85 kr

Banana panacotta, chocolate sauce, meringue, vanilla cream, freeze-dried strawberries

Crème Brûlée | 85 kr

With berry compote

Apple crumble, vanilla sauce | 85 kr

With vanilla sauce

Sorbet of the day | 55 kr

Coffee sweets

Carefully selected and with a diverse range, please ask the staff about today´s assortments


Pancakes with jam and whipped cream | 75 kr

Pancakes with jam and whipped cream

Kids´burger | 95 kr

Our homemade burger with salad, tomato and french fries

Kids´veal with fries, and tarragon cream | 165 kr

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